Stationery Information And Lists


Stationery Lists

Please phone the Main Office on 0800437329 for STARTER items required for Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 levels. These may be purchased from any good retail store. Individual subject teachers may have additional stationery requests which students will be advised about once school starts.


Student Charges

A statement detailing any student charges will be sent to whanau before the end of each term.


Digital Equipment

As you are aware, ɫֱ High School is moving towards a digital platform. It is preferred that each child have their own device (e.g. Chromebook, PC or iPad), however this is NOT a compulsory item. If you wish to purchase a chromebook via ɫֱ High School phone the office or purchase your own device.


Automatic Payments

We are happy to accept automatic payments for fees and EOTC activities throughout the year. Details are as follows:
Please list your CHILDS name as a reference for the school

Bank: ASB
Branch: Kamo
Account Name: ɫֱ High School Board of Trustees
Account Number: 12-3093-0155610-00